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Cisco Certified Network Associate

Course Duration: 40 Hours

Course Fee:

6000/- Tk.

Course Content:
01. Orientation & CCNA Pre-Assessment Questionnaire, about cisco certification, validity, course goal, marketplace, cisco vs juniper vs huwei etc.
02. Basic networking, broadcast, multicast, unicast, Ethernet cabling, half duplex, full duplex, Ethernet, fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, Network Troubleshooting-hands on practice.
03. OSI Model-description, protocol, pdu, device.
04. IP Addressing – IPv4.
05. IP Addressing – subnetting, IPv4, hands on practice.
06. VLSM, summarization hands on practice day 1.
07. VLSM, summarization hands on practice day 2.
08. IP Routing basic-static, dynamic, default, metric, ad, hop, as
9. Basic configuration, basic connectivity,operate router and switch with CLI-LAB
10. Configure console, enable secret, vty password, Create topology-LAB
11. static routing theory and LAB
12. Routing protocol EGRP theory and LAB
13. Routing protocol OSPF theory and LAB
14. Switch Configuration Layer-2 (Basic Switching)
15. static vlan, dynamic vlan, root bridge, bridge id, create vlan names and numbers, assign port in specific vlan, trunk port, vtp protocol, intervlan routing,
16.Layer 2 Switching LAB
17.ACL-Standard, extended and Named based acl-lab
18. NAT-Static, Dynamic and PAT-lab
19. IPv6, hsrp, vrrp, glbp, etherchannel
20. WAN, exam-theory and lab

Note: The first batch of students have successfully completed their course and eagerly waiting to receive their certificates.

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