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Cultural Club

The name of the club is Dhaka International University Cultural Club (DIUCC)

2.   Objectives:

The Objectives of the club are as follows:
(a)   To uphold the cultural heritage of the country through various cultural activities like music, drama, recitation, dance, organizer etc.
(b)   To ensure cultural integrity and healthy cultural environment in DIU as well as in national level.
(c)   To exchange cultural views, norms and traditions among different cultural communities of home and abroad.
(d)   To protect indigenous cultural heritage and stand against cultural imperialism.
(e)   To develop the moral standard of the student of DIU through various socio cultural activities.
3.   Membership:
(a)   Any student, teacher or officer of DIU who is of good moral character is eligible for membership of the club.
(b)   Candidature should be accepted or rejected by the advisory committee of the cultural club.
(c)   All members should agree to obey club rules and policies. Violations of club rules and policies shall be grounds for expulsion from the club.

4.   Membership Fees:
Membership application from will be available in the office of the club upon payment of TK.50/= as subscription. Once accepted as members, all members will be liable to pay a quarterly (semester wish) subscription fee of TK.50/= only.

5.   Honorary Membership:
The club may award honorary membership to any person with an interest in culture or who has contributed someway to the club (except the student DIU)

6.   Advisory committee:
An Advisory committee will be formed by the proper permission and concern of the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of DIU including four (4) faculty members, one (1) officials of DIU. The Executive Committee is liable to inform and take proper permission from the higher authority through advisor panel and student Affairs department for any club activities.

7.   Executive Committee:
An Executive committee will be formed by the advisory committee who will have the authority to select the members of the executive committee.
The executive committee will comprise of the following positions:
(a)   Chief Organizer
(b)   Organizer
(c)   Members
(a)   Chief Organizer:
Chief organizer will coordinate the activities of the organizer and members and liable to report to the advisory committee.
(b) Organizer:
There will be five (5) members in the organizing body responsible for respective sections.
There will be four/five section in the organizing body as follows:

1.   Organizers (Event Management):
There will be two members for the event management. They will be responsible for overall supervision of the activities of the program as well as the promotional activities of the cultural program. They will cooperate and assist the management of the university as and when required.

2.    Organizers (Rehearsal):
There will be two members for conducting the rehearsal program. They will responsible for short listing, presenting the participations before the advisory committee and conduct rehearsal as and when necessary. Advisory committee will select the final participants for the particular program.
3.   Organizers (Technical):
He / She will be responsible for collecting musicians (hands), sound systems and lightings of the program.
4.    Organizers (Finance):
He / She will be responsible to manage the fund as well as preparing budget for individual program of the club. He / She will also work as the budget distribution hub of the Advisory committee.
5.   Members:
Members will be selected from the registered members of the club from different departments of the university. Advisory committee will be responsible for selecting the members.
(a)   Regular Activity of the Club:
The club will try to maintain a regular body of participants who will rehears every fortnightly and keep themselves prepare for any upcoming events. All the committee members both from advisory and executive committee will be present in the preparatory and follow up meeting.

(b)   Annual Cultural Competition:
The club will organize an annual cultural competition open to all students of DIU subject to registration.

(c)   Mandatory Event:
The cultural program of the Foundation Day will be observed, maintained and arranged in every year by the cultural club of the University.

(d)   Occasional Program:
Occasional Cultural Programs like Victory Day, Pohela Boishak can be arranged by department or by any faculty subject to written permission from the authority.

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